Assistant Manager in FM 2011

A few days ago- these days were before 2011 release so now no time to watch movie :) - I have watched a very funny movie: The Damned United. The topic is magical Brian Clough, one of the most successful managers of UK in history without any doubt, and his story in Leeds United lasting only 44 days. Brian Clough and his assistant manager Peter Taylor reaches unforgottable successess in Heartpool and Derby Country but because of his rebel to management, he prepares their end at Derby Country and anyhow he was asked to Leeds United’s hot seat but he goes there alone. Result is just “Failure”

While I was watching this movie, I decided to write a post about Assistant Manager but I could find time now but it is better to write now. Because I have just started to FM 2011 and I am in charge of Manchester City and I needed a really good Assistant Manager than my existing one Brian Kidd.

I made a short search, short because I have found who i looked for.

That guy is Valter Di Salvo. Indeed, I know he is not assistant manager, he has not deep experience in England but his attributes will worth to all risks. We are talking about a man whose fitness, Man management, mental coaching, motivating are 20 so never mind what he will do as assistant manager. I know he will be very successful.

By the way I think no need to say he is a 5 stars coach in training schedules for Fitness Coaching ;)

As an advice and ofcourse as my opinion, if you look for a good assistant manager, pay attention to determination, man management, adaptability, judging player potential, ability and determination. If you can find a guy who has over 15 for these attributes, do never let him go… keep him!!!

have fun all!!

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